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Visibility in the Inbound Supply Chain

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The Inbound Supply Chain Is a Complicated Affair

Companies are looking for ways to make their supply chains more efficient, cost-effective, and competitive. More suppliers and partners are involved in the inbound supply chain than ever, and manual processes are becoming too complicated to continue. Risk and volatility is driving up transportation spend, landed costs, and expenses related to supply chain disruption as companies struggle to become agile in an environment that demands it.


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1. Based on early forecasts, a steady supply is planned to arrive in the DCs
2. Problem: Unexpected change in demand can’t be met with existing inventory in East DC; no visibility into yard, where there may be inventory, or into ETAs of inventory en route, which could be just days away
3. An Out-of-Market transfer is initiated; inventory is trucked across the country to replenish the East DC, incurring additional handling and transport costs
4. Solution: With visibility into yard inventory and the inbound pipeline, yard inventory could be used, and container shipments destined for the West DC could be diverted en route to the East DC, avoiding an Out-of-Market transfer

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